Chef’s Special Roll

  • Butterfly

    • 15.00

    Spicy yellowtail & crunch, seared fresh yellow tail on top with chef's special sauce

  • Four Seasons

    • 15.00

    Spicy Salmon, Crunch & Avocado four colourful and flavorful tobiko flying fish roe

    Four Seasons
  • Great lady

    • 15.00

    The clear rice paper. with fresh tuna snow crab avocado mango served ruta and mango sauce

    Great lady
  • Romantic Roll

    • 16.00

    Spicy tuna & crunch inside fresh salmon and eel on top, roe & scllion eel & spicy mayo sauce

    Romantic Roll
  • Texas Roll

    • 16.00

    Snow crab-cream cheese soy wrapped deep fried with fresh salmon and beef avocado crunch fried onions with  chef's spicy sauce

    Texas Roll
  • Spicy Two in One

    • 15.00

    Crawfish tail meat & avocado rolled inside Spicy snow crab on top spicy sauce and onion

    Spicy Two in One
  • Austing Roll

    • 15.00

    Crabstick tempura & cream cheese inside fresh tuna and fresh mango. chef's spicy sauce scallion, coconut flakes

    Austing Roll
  • Cowboy

    • 15.00

    A delicious blend of snow crab steamed osporogus and cream cheese rolled inside with thinly sliced seared fresh beef and red flying fish roe served with tokyo style spicy sauce

  • Volcano Roll

    • 14.00

    Smoked salmon avocado and cream cheese inside topped with crab stick mix honey & chili eel sauce, scallion crunch

    Volcano Roll
  • Untouchable Roll

    • 15.00

    spicy tuna, crunchy inside fresh tuna, salmon ,avocado top, sweet mango sauce

    Untouchable Roll
Chef’s Special Roll
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